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Blakeman Plumbing & Heating performs plumbing and mechanical services for a wide scope of projects in northern Wisconsin. Our staff is experienced in all phases of the job, from bid take off to project completion. Browse a selection of our completed projects below.

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Retail Projects
The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy
Chequamegon Food Co-op
During the spring and summer of 2014 the Chequamegon Food Coop remodeled the interior and exterior of their new building to accommodate a new food store with a deli, classroom, and office space. Blakeman Plumbing and Heating, Inc. updated the HVAC system & restructured the plumbing by installing new sanitary and domestic water piping, gas piping, and fixtures.

Municipal Projects
Ashland County Hwy Dept.

Blakeman plumbing and heating partnered with NASI construction to provide a complete plumbing and HVAC system for the new Ashland County storage building. This building was a 21,000 square foot addition that included a 5000-gallon holding tank, 6 catch basins, and 260 feet of trench drain with the plumbing system. The HVAC system included radiant tube heaters, unit heaters, exhaust fans, and a make-up air unit.

Bayfield County Hwy Dept.
In 2014, the Bayfield County Highway Department added a new 2,700 square foot heated storage building at their Mason location. BPH installed the in floor heating system with a boiler and heat recovery ventilator along with a trench drain and catch basin.

Educational Projects
Barron High School
Blakeman Plumbing & Heating, Inc. remodeled the HVAC system during the 2014 5,000 square foot remodel at the Barron High School. Work consisted of demolition and installation of new duct and hydronic piping, a new air handling unit, new variable air volume boxes, a new unit heater, new exhaust fans and a new convector.

Rice Lake Middle School
Throughout the summer of 2014, a four classroom, 7300 square foot, second story addition and 9,800 square foot gymnasium and storage addition was added to the Rice Lake Middle School. Blakeman Plumbing & Heating, Inc. installed two new Daikin roof top units, cabinet unit heaters, variable air volume boxes, roof intake and ventilators, a split system air conditioning unit, a unit heater and exhaust fans.

UWS Barstow Hall

Blakeman Plumbing & Heating installed a lab exhaust system for this renovation and upgrade project at the University of Wisconsin, Superior. This included roof exhaust fans, ductwork, VAVs, and hydronic piping. The complete BAS control system upgrade was also sub-contracted through BPH.

Chippewa Valley Technical College

Starting in the winter of 2017/2018, the Chippewa Valley Technical College renovated approximately 9,000 square feet of their existing building to accommodate their culinary arts program. This state-of-the-art kitchen included four UDS systems as well as a serving and dining area. Blakeman Plumbing and Heating installed the compete plumbing and natural gas piping systems for this kitchen. This was a unique and exciting project to be a part of.
Healthcare Projects
Clark County Rehabilitation
Blakeman Plumbing & Heating, Inc. installed the complete HVAC system for the Skilled Nursing addition project at the Clark County Rehabilitation and Living Center in Owen, WI. This was a 32-bed licensed skilled nursing facility totaling 23,720 square feet, along with an additional 1,193 square foot mechanical mezzanine.

Commercial Projects
Bayfield Electric Co-op
2015. The new headquarters facility for Bayfield Electric Cooperative consists of 9,900 square feet of offices, 7,500 square feet of warehouse, and 16,300 square feet of vehicle storage. Blakeman Plumbing & Heating, Inc. installed a geothermal heating and cooling system made up of WaterFurnace water to water and water to air heat pumps with forced air and in floor heat.

Jump River Electric Co-op
During the winter of 2013-2014 Jump River Electric Cooperative built a new 11,000 square foot office/warehouse. Blakeman Plumbing and Heating, Inc. installed a complete plumbing system with catch basins, trench drains, a holding tank, sanitary piping, gas piping, water piping, a water heater, water closets, lavatories and an electric water cooler.

Industrial Projects
Parks & Recreation
Apostle Islands Marina
Crystal Lake Visitors Center
Blakeman Plumbing & Heating teamed up with Athens Lumber on an addition to the existing Crystal Lake State Park - Entrance Visitor Station building in Boulder Junction, WI. BPH installed the plumbing & HVAC for the 640 sq ft addition.

Owen Park Pavilion
Blakeman Plumbing and Heating installed the plumbing and ventilation on the 1,150 square foot Pavilion, located at Owen Park in Eau Claire WI. The plumbing consisted of three public restrooms with a drinking fountain. The ventilation consisted of an exhaust fan with ductwork from each of the restrooms to the exterior. This project started in the fall of 2019 and was completed in the spring of 2020.

Crex Meadows Mess Hall
BPH installed the plumbing & HVAC for a new multipurpose building at the Crex Meadows Wildlife Area in Grantsburg, WI in the summer/fall of 2020.
Lodging & Hospitality
George R. Field South Fork Suites
Blakeman Plumbing & Heating installed the plumbing for the George R. Field - South Fork Suites in River Falls, WI. GRF-SFS is a four-story residence hall which house 240 students for the UW River Falls campus. This was over a yearlong project that was completed in 2012.
Community Projects
Boulder Junction Community Center
The new 16,400 square foot community center was built in 2013-2014. The HVAC system consisted of AC units, make-up air units, furnaces, humidifiers, zone dampers, electric wall, ceiling and duct heaters, electric baseboard, in-line exhaust fans, ceiling exhaust fans, and a range hood with roof exhaust.

Police / Fire / EMS Projects
Port Wing Fire Department
Built in 2014, the Port Wing Fire Department is a 5,930 square foot single level building with an apparatus garage and meeting and training facility. BPH installed the plumbing and HVAC on this project. The HVAC consisted of a boiler with in-floor heat, an energy recovery ventilator, a make-up air unit and exhaust fans. The plumbing included piping for two 18’ trench drains and one catch basin in the apparatus garage. In the meeting and training facility, there was plumbing installed for two bathrooms, a sink in the meeting room and a mop sink and floor drain in the mechanical room.

Ashland Fire Station
The Ashland Fire Station is a 22,000 square foot facility with eight apparatus bays, offices, a kitchen, training room, and living quarters. Blakeman Plumbing & Heating installed the complete plumbing and HVAC systems in this building. This included in-floor/hydronic heat, air piping, and gas piping.
Government Projects
Entertainment Projects
Boiler Retrofits

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